What Has DeVon Prioleau Been Up To?

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I had an affinity for design from a very early age. My cousin studied architecture as an undergraduate student, and during holidays, he would bring home the study models and architectural projects that he built over the course of the semester. Fascinated by their design and inquisitive by nature, I would usually deconstruct his finished models and attempt to put them back together again. That, coupled with my appreciation for math and sciences, led me to a keen interest in architecture.

DeVon Prioleau At a Glance What were some highlights during your undergraduate days? 

One thing that comes to mind is my first entrepreneurial endeavor. As a sophomore who looked to fill a void, I started my own campus business called Trendsetters Entertainment, providing diverse media outlets for the Cornell Community, mainly as a campus DJ. As a result of my company’s success, by senior year, I was able to establish a scholarship fund that offered freshmen students an opportunity to receive a $500 book award. Not only were my efforts recognized at the university-level, but I took pride in being able to help my fellow students with their educational expenses.

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